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How it all began…


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How it all began…

As a family, we have always prioritized eating healthy and delicious food. When one of our daughters was no longer able to eat gluten, we discovered that the gluten-free products that were available in the Netherlands were both tasteless and full of preservatives and E-additives; products that I would not like to eat myself, let alone give to my daughter. This was the beginning of Lisa’s Choice.

In collaboration with a nutritional expert and an organic gluten free baker, we started developing an organic gluten free flour line under the name of “Lisa’s Choice”. Our original flour line consisted out of 9 different flour mixes. Because of the positive reactions, the demand for both the flour line and other products grew progressively. We currently have over 70 different organic gluten free products, including a variety of frozen products. Our products are available in a variety of supermarkets, shops and wholesalers.

The demand for delicious gluten free food is growing rapidly. More and more people desire high quality gluten free products that are also designed to contain healthy amounts of fiber, salt and sugar.

Innovation and creation never stops at Lisa’s Choice. We are constantly improving our products and creating new and delicious products to completely fulfill our customers’ needs. Lisa’s Choice is our own brand, which enables us to shift quickly; in response to the growing demand for vegan gluten-free products, we have actively replaced the contents of some of our products to vegan alternatives.

Kind regards,

Edith Goossens